New the POWEROYAL® Triplex Series A high pressure plunger pump


Milton Roy introduces with the new POWEROYAL-series a generation API-674 reciprocating pumps suitable for a capacity of maximum 26 m3/hour and a maximum working pressure of 500 bar.

Due to its modular design the POWEROYAL is available in serveral executions to meet the customer requirements.



  • Compact reciprocating pump due to the use of an built-in gear reduction unit, one suction connection and one discharge connection.
  • Robust design with a balanced gear which results in a longer lifespan of bearings and drive.
  • Equipped with a built-in cooling system.
  • Easy maintenance. Maintenance of the pump can be performed without removing the piping.
  • Leakage free pump due to the use of V-type seals and leaks collected conveyed to the intake.