New liquid end with DSD Technolgie


For injecting highly concentrated chemicals, highly viscous chemicals and for solving problems with large suction lift at low flows, Milton Roy Europe has developed the DSD technology liquid end. This is a new generation of liquid ends with Dynamic Stiffness Diaphragm.

The DSD liquid end technology is a simple and robust system based on the dynamic stiffness of the membrane. Due to the mechanical properties of the diaphragm is not in contact with the front of the liquid end, this has several advantages:

- High suction.

- Suitable for high viscosity. (up to 7,000 cP)

- No hydraulic cavitation.

- Low risk of diaphragm damage.

- Long service interval of> 25,000 hours.

The DSD design also combines the advantages of a liquid plunger end (higher pressure, lower costs) with the advantages of a leak-proof diaphragm liquid end.